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What Is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a next-generation 2-in-1 personal and professional networking platform built to give the world back control of your relationships and relationship capital, helping you create more success.

Imagine Webtalk is the offspring of Facebook and Linkedin, taking all of the best features, none of the worst, and is an overall better experience for every type of audience and use case ie. personal, professional, and business networking. Facebook 2019 Revenue: $70.7 BILLION LinkedIn 2019 Revenue: $6.8 BILLION Webtalk ADVANTAGES > Patent-Pending 3-in-1 Contact Manager (personal, professional and business contact management) > Patent-Pending 5-in-1 Newsfeed (Post news publically, to targeted networks, or targeted groups. View news using network filters, media filters, keywork/hashtag filters and even turn off seeing news posted publicly, turning your feed into more intimate content) > Social Content Syndication (Post & share content to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack and soon Instagram and more) > Patent-Pending 3-in-1 Universal Profile (personal, professional & public content showcasing) with customizable landing pages coming soon. > Patent-Pending Rewards Program (shares revenue with members for engagement, creating great content, and referrals) PLANNED ROADMAP > Groups-On-Demand > Pages for Business > Webtalk Verify > Patent-Pending Peer-to-Peer Marketplace Search Engine > Profile eCommerce Widgets (enabling members to sell their time and products from their profiles) AKA A free website to conduct business where your search engine optimization is derived by the recommendations of your peers and not just keyword matching. Imagine Webtalk becoming the offspring of Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Upwork, Google & Yelp. Webtalk plans to enable members to use profiles as a tool to both stay in touch with friends and family as well as a tool to get jobs, get clients, and/or get customers/followers. Webtalk will also provide the search tools for member's to help themselves create more success. As you establish credibility within your network, you will move up the search engine results within both in your local region, and within the search of all connections within 3-degrees of separation. On Webtalk, your real world social credibility will become transparent and will make it easier for you to be discovered for opportunities, and find top talent for your opportunities. Imagine a single search engine where you can hire everyone from a new babysitter or plumber or realtor or accountant to an employee for your business, all pre-screened by Webtalk and recommended by people you know and trust. This is the future of Webtalk. Work, Live, Play & Earn! Webtalk HIGHLIGHTS Webtalk has $9MM+ invested into our technologies. Webtalk shares up to 50% of all revenue with our members, and is donating 10% of all profits to charity. HOW Webtalk HELPS YOU CREATE MORE SUCCESS... *Save time & money *Take back control of your relationships and relationship capital *Helps you discover and be discovered for new opportunities *Shares revenue with you for engagement, content and referrals *Donates 10% of profits to charity Webtalk isn't just another social network, it's a social revolution built to help the world (you) create more success. Together, we can change the world.

Please visit https://www.webtalkaffiliates.com/products for the complete product roadmap.

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