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Webtalk Universal Personal & Business Contact Manager Preview

Here's an exclusive preview of our final Universal Personal & Business Contact Manager coming in a couple weeks.


> Segregate personal and professional relationships

> Assign permissions and groups before connecting

***NEW: FREE Service Provider (home and personal) CRM

> Small Business CRM (50 contacts free)

> Add searchable tags

***NEW: 1-click reusable recent tags

> Quick access to contact information

> Add time-stamped notes

> Add news and recommendation values


> Keep professional connections out of your personal network

> Keep all contacts organized and easily searchable

> Notes are a powerful tool to store birthdays, family names, and all sales and recruiting information.

> Manage and grow your business

> Network better to create more opportunities

> If you do any kind of sales for a living, you can change careers without losing your relationships


In our PRO v3.0 service, you will be able to link your Webtalk SocialCRM to other CRMs such as SalesForce and InfusionSoft. This will streamline the process for larger organizations to complete fundraising, sales, and recruiting tasks.

NOTE: Most big companies will pay for their fundraising, sales, and recruiting staff to have the Business PRO upgrade.


After launching our mobile apps, you will be able to sync your contact cards on your phone with your Webtalk SocialCRM to keep all information up to date.

Click here to join Webtalk for FREE!



-- RJ Garbowicz

Webtalk Founder, CEO

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