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Webtalk's referral rewards program gets major update in v2.26

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Today, Webtalk released v2.26 with many new features and updates plus over 80 bug fixes. The biggest update today was the enhancement to Webtalk's free SocialCPX referral rewards affiliate program bonus offering. As of today, the 10% revenue share commission plan bonus that pays 10% through 5-levels of referrals (instead of the standard 1-level) can be earned two ways... 1. You can earn the bonus with your first PRO customer referral (no purchase required) OR 2. You can earn the bonus if you upgrade you own Webtalk account to a PRO premium feature package, starting under $20 per month.

Only first 1 million affiliates to qualify will be awarded the 5-level commission plan for life under the updated bonus offering after a minimum of $200 in PRO sales have been made. This sales goal now includes the cost of your own PRO upgrades. The new bonus qualifier now turns Webtalk's SocialCPX affiliate program into the most lucrative referral rewards program on the Internet. Webtalk's PRO service is a powerful premium networking and contact management service for both consumers and small business, offered at a fraction of the cost of competition. Webtalk's PRO service is also the world's first ad-free subscription in a major networking platform, that removes banner ads and advertising tracking. After today's update, Webtalk is estimating all 1 million bonus awards could be awarded as early as December, 2019 based on the company's current growth rate. AFFILIATE NOTICE: Commission Balance Updates If you are an active affiliate, please check your new payments dashboard to confirm your payments for May in your balance for those of you who had estimated commissions for those months.

Transaction History sample via Payments Dashboard Some affiliates with estimated commissions were not qualified to earn commissions in May (no affiliate enrollment, or incomplete profile), and moving forward if you are out of qualifications after the close of a month, estimated commissions will be lost for that month. However, an exception has been made for May and June to offer an additional 90-days for affiliates to get qualified to earn commissions before 'past month' eligible commissions become ineligible for payment. OTHER UPDATES Today, Webtalk also introduced its new profile banner editor where you can upload high resolution banner images with the ability to change the opacity to lighten or darken the image, and reposition the image so it displays the way you want it to look.

PRO member icons are now showcased everywhere for each PRO member!

> Search > Profile > Newsfeed > Contacts > Messaging > People you may know widget > Who viewed your profile widget > Notifications Menu > Connection Request Menu Plus, all PRO icons now link to the new PRO upgrade page. Soon Webtalk will be adding a 7-day free trial to all PRO feature suite packages so your referrals can try out the service before they buy.

Webtalk will also be updating the new user on boarding to have every new user pick their service level... free basic account or a free trial to any of the PRO packages, right from the moment they join Webtalk.

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