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Webtalk Revenue Outlook

Updated: Apr 23, 2020


The good news keeps coming today! Our revenue has grown 69% over last month already in the first half of April, setting us up on a course of 138% growth this month.

If this continues for a year, we will be paying out up to $50MM per month within a year just from the sale of PRO upgrades.

LinkedIn is currently generating around $300M per month from LinkedIn Premium, and that is our goal with PRO. Our goal also includes paying out up to $150M back to our members every month when we get there.

As we grow, we will continue to make PRO features more and more valuable to help increase sales. The 50% we keep goes back into making more products for you all to enjoy.

Our ad revenue has been doubling every month for the last three months, and we have been paying almost all of it out to our members.

February: $509 ($500 paid out)

March: $1,100 ($1,000 paid out)

April: $1,100 so far ($2,000 or 50% will be paid out, whichever is greater)

Next month we plan to increase the ad rewards minimum payout to $4K.

Let's assume ad rewards doubles every month for the next year, it will look like this...

May: $4K

June: $8K

July: $16K

Aug: $32K

Sep: $64K

Oct: $128K

Nov: $256K

Dec: $512K

Jan: $1M

Feb: $2M

Mar: $4M

April: $8M

This excludes factoring for the launch of mobile apps, which is estimated to boost ad revenue by 10X as a result in the increase of daily engagement and new member growth.

Let's assume the growth from apps takes off in July producing a 10X growth spike the first month, below is how the rest of year will go...

July: $80K

Aug: $160K

Sep: $320K

Oct: $640K

Nov: $1.3M

Dec: $2.6M

Jan: $5M

Feb: $10M

Mar: $20M

April: $40M

This means there is a potential for Webtalk to be paying out up $50MM- $100M per month back to our members as soon as a year from now based on the current growth rate.

That said, if every member invites just 1 new member per month on average, that's 100% monthly growth (what's happening now). If you increase it to 5 referrals per month on average our growth rate will increase significantly to 500% monthly.

We believe this is not only possible after the official launch and release of our mobile apps this summer, but very likely.

PS: We have two more new videos in production. Next up is our new "Rewards Program" video and then our "Story" video.

PPS: We will be working to translate the new videos in to multiple languages this summer. We also built in a translation layer into our mobile apps to make it easy for us to release our apps into multiple languages after the official launch.

RJ Garbowicz

Webtalk Founder, CEO

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