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Next week we are releasing part-one of a two-part upgrade to our new SocialCRM contact manager. Sneak preview attached.

Part 1 is the new design only. Part two includes many new features such as...

*Free Service Provider Contact Manager for home and personal services (ie. babysitters, plumbers, electricians, handyman, accountant, real estate agents, etc.)

*Free message sent with each new connection request

*Faster connection process with "Unlabeled Contacts" that defaults the privacy setting to "public-only data access"

*New "Favorites" contact management category with a favorites newsfeed channel

*New "Referral Network" section of the contact manager for PRO members

*New "recent tags" feature that enables you to reuse tags in 1-click.

*Mutual Follow free messaging (no connection required)

NOTE: On Webtalk, you have three ways to interact with other members...

1. FOLLOW | You can follow members and they can follow you. This means their posts appear in your newsfeed, and yours appear in theirs based on the privacy settings.

2. CONNECT | When you connect with another member, it activates free private messaging. Please remember not to connect with people if you don't want them to message you.

3. SAVE CONTACT | When you save a contact it adds them to your contact manager without activating following or messaging.

PS: We are also working on a new 1-time cash bonus incentive that will pay out for referrals with no purchase required 😍...Stay tuned!

PPS: After the launch of the new contact manager, we are launching our new landing page on web and mobile web.

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RJ Garbowicz

WebtalkFounder, CEO

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