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Webtalk Product Updates 04.02.20

Only 1-week until we launch our new contact manager, 3-weeks until we launch our new landing page, 5-weeks until we launch our new profile and discover service, 7-weeks until we launch our new bonus offer, and 9-weeks until we launch iOS & Android apps (estimated release timeframes).

We have a very busy and exciting couple of months ahead of us as we continue to have record growth almost daily.

In 2020, we are on pace to give away over $1MM back to our members through our rewards program.

As many of you may have noticed, the ad rewards bonus pool doubled again today from $1,000 to $2,000 for April. We estimate it will double again next month to $4,000.

The new bonus is planned to be bigger than anything we have ever launched before.

PS: We are also working diligently to launch a stock offering to allow our PRO customers to be able to purchase our stock. However, we decided if we move forward with it then we will conduct two offerings.

Both a small discounted offering for PRO customers, and a larger offering for all others, giving everyone the opportunity to invest in Webtalk.

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RJ Garbowicz

WebtalkFounder, CEO

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