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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We have some big updates to share. This week we are launching...

1. Our new landing page

2. Our new rewards video

3. Newsfeed ads to increase ad revenue and ad rewards

4. Many bug fixes and optimizations (the full list will be provided upon the release of the update)

5. New affiliate Google Slides presentation for anyone interested in hosting webinars to train your referrals on how to use Webtalk


1. We have grown all-time revenue 100% already this month

2. New revenue is doubling weekly (100% weekly)

3. New revenue is up 1,400% from last month

4. Ad revenue is doubling monthly (100%+ monthly growth)

5. Webtalk is now ranked in the Top 20K sites in the world byAlexa.com

6. Webtalk now has over 4.25M total users (people who consume the public content shared by members), and over 477K total members with 367K active members.

At the current growth rate, we will be paying out millions of dollars in commissions every month before the end of the year.

After the official launch this summer, or whenever we reach 100,000 bonuses awarded, whichever is sooner, we will be providing every member with an official counter to view how many 5-level bonuses are remaining. Until then, the official number is less than 100,000.


1. Final SocialCRM contact manager updates (making it faster to send connection requests, and we are adding the ability to send a short message with requests)

2. New member onboarding experience with SMS account verification, replacing email verification.

3. New member profiles with more than a dozen new features and a gorgeous new design.

4. Newsfeed enhancements including share consolidation and auto-share functionality.

5. v1.0 iOS & Android Apps!!! (apps are looking amazing and we passed the first round of app store approval this week)

Attached photo below is the current Alexa Ranking as of today.

-- RJ Garbowicz

Webtalk Founder

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