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Webtalk New PRO Features To Be Released...


While we have a lot in the works over the next couple of months, I have personally begun the design and architecture process for the next upgrade to PRO features.

What we're planning will be a very big upgrade.

1. There will be three new unique packages that can be bundled for a discount.

A. Ad-Free PRO (starting at $15/mo)

B. Matchmaker PRO (starting at $30/mo)

C. Business PRO (starting at $60/mo)

Ad-free PRO will simply remove ads.

Matchmaker PRO will offer a universal search service for recruiting, sales and evening dating. Every Webtalk member will be able to opt-in to being found via each individual matchmaker service.

Subscribers can pick any matchmaking search, enter in their ideal match criteria, and locate their potential matches based on the selected criteria.

Business PRO will offer a host of integrations with CRMs such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft, FireCRM, Gsuite, Google Analytics and more.

Business PRO allows Webtalk to be a starter CRM, but then export contacts and data to more robust CRMs as your business grows.

We will also be offering a service to purchase additional Talkmail messages and Spotlight posts without a subscription.

All current PRO customers will have the option to stay on your current plans or switch to the new plans. However, if you switch you won't be able to get your old plan back.

We believe these enhancements will provide significant member value and in return increase the number of members who upgrade to a PRO subscription.

This is the early stages and I'm looking for your feedback on the planned enhancements to our PRO features. Any suggestions are also welcome.

Thank you for your support.

RJ Garbowicz

Webtalk Founder

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