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Webtalk has surpassed 4,000,000 users!

Here we grow again!

Webtalk has surpassed 4,000,000 users!

After the official launch and the release of our iOS & Android apps in a couple months, we expect to begin adding over 1,000,000 new users per month.

Our goal is to exceed 10M users, and award out all 1M bonuses, before the end of the year.

If you would like to learn more about our referral reward bonus please visit

Last month we launched our new "Ad Rewards Pool" that redistributes 50% of our advertising revenue back to our members every month.

This is a 100% free rewards program!

Right now our advertising revenue is low, but this week we began a plan to start rapidly increasing the ad rewards payouts monthly...

1. More ad placements for free members (PRO members do not have ads)

2. More higher paying ads

3. Updating our PRO packages to make removing ads its own PRO package for $15/mo, which can also be added/bundled with a discount to our new PRO packages with more PRO features coming soon.

NOTE: Current PRO packages will remain available for all active PRO customers.

4. Mobile apps are projected to increase daily engagement by 10X-20X over the current daily engagement, which will increase ad revenue by 10X-20X.

5. Launch our own native video platform with video ads (highest paying ads)

Our goal is to be paying out over $1MM per month in ad rewards before the end of the year.

The biggest winners of the awards will be the members who are posting great content daily, and inviting new members to join Webtalk daily.

You earn 100% matching points on the points earned by your direct referrals. If you have been awarded the bonus, you earn 100% matching points through 5-levels of referrals (your direct referrals, plus their referrals through 5-levels).

All points redeem for cash every month.

You also earn 10% revenue share on the revenue generated by your referrals. Therefore, if any of your referrals upgrade to a PRO subscription, you earn 10% of their monthly bill for as long as they remain a customer.

This commission right now ranges from $0.80/mo -$4/mo depending on the package they choose and any applied discounts.

This commission applies to all PRO member subscriptions through 5-levels if you have earned the bonus.

More revenue streams are coming soon such as Webtalk Travel, Webtalk Swag Shop, Webtalk Marketplace & More!

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