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Tips On How To Earn Passive Income Through Social Media For Free

Updated: Apr 21, 2020


If your friends, family, and colleagues aren't using Webtalk yet, that doesn't make Webtalk less valuable.

In fact, thanks to our free cash rewards program, its entirely the opposite.

If your friends, family, and colleagues aren't using Webtalk yet, that is an opportunity for you to generate passive income for life by inviting them to join Webtalk.

If they are already on Webtalk, that's a missed opportunity by you.

If you have invited them to Webtalk, be sure post your personal and professional updates daily to your Webtalk Newsfeed to help increase your ad reward points while boosting the engagement of your referrals at the same time.

Be sure to sync your other social networks so your posts on Webtalk can be seen by your contacts on other social apps until they make the switch

(NOTE: Webtalk posts shared on other social sites have your referral links embedded, so if they are clicked, and they join Webtalk as a result of clicking on your shared posts, then you earn referral credit)

It's Win-Win-Win... you can stay in touch with all of your relationships in one place while earning additional passive income with no catch.

Simply complete your profile, enroll in the free rewards program, and start earning 'free money' today!

PS: Here's our updated product roadmap...

v3.0 SocialCRM Universal Personal & Professional Contact Manager

v3.0 Universal Profile to showcase your talent and your life with a quick-start tool to help you complete your profile faster.

v3.0 New Member Onboarding -Switching from email verification to SMS text message verification to assure all new members can join without fear of emails getting blocked, or not making the inbox.

v3.0 Landing Page -Showcasing all of Webtalk's game-changing products front and center to the world

v1.0 iOS & Android Apps -Yep, Webtalk is launching native apps!!!


2020 is going to be a great year!

CLICK HERE to sign up for free...





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