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May's Ad Rewards Has Increased To A $4K Minimum Payout | Webtalk Update 05.01.2020

WEBTALK UPDATE | Happy May 1st!

May's Ad Rewards has increased to a $4K minimum payout.

Please note, the payout is to up to 50% of all ad revenue. Last month the minimum payout was $2,000, and we generated $2,600, which is approximately 77% of the total ad revenue as a result of the minimum payout.

If total ad revenue had reached $100K last month, then you would have seen the payout grow throughout last month to $50,000. The same applies for May.

While it says $4,000, that is just the minimum guaranteed payout for the month. In reality, the more you use Webtalk, and the faster we grow, the bigger the potential ad reward payout at the end of the month.

We generate revenue from ad impressions and ad clicks, and we use that money to fund the ad rewards pool every month. You earn a piece of the money being given away every month by earning points for your engagement, content sharing and referrals.


*Up to $75,000 in commissions will be paid out this month for April earnings

*Over 4.4M people are now using Webtalk (members and non-members)

*Approximately 490,000 people have joined Webtalk with 377,000 active members.

*Less than 10% of the 1M bonuses have been awarded

*We launched two new videos and our new landing page.

*We launched our new SocialCRM contact manager design

*Webtalk is now ranked in the TOP 10,000 sites in the US and the TOP 18,000 in the world


*Next week we plan to deploy a big performance update that will make Webtalk up to 4x faster.

*This month we are working on the final enhancements to our contact manager, newsfeed, new member onboarding, and member profiles prior to our official launch this summer.

*Mobile apps are looking great and last month we passed the first two rounds of app store approval. We are now private Beta testing our iOS and Android apps. The goal is to have them live to the world between mid-June to mid-July, depending on the final app store approval.

*We are also working on a new service called Discover that will help pair our members based on interests. This is planned to go live before the official launch.

*Between now and the official launch this summer, we are working to improve both the existing services, and deploy critical new services, to help our members connect better to assure the maximum scalability of our apps.


We have begun our PR marketing and media strategy implementation for the official launch. Our partnership with a top PR firm will help us to acquire mainstream media coverage upon the official launch. All members will be able to share and syndicate the media coverage to help you acquire more referrals.


Immediately after the official launch we plan to begin working on the following new services...

*Native Video (upload and share videos directly on Webtalk)

*Group Messaging and Groups-On-Demand


*Pages for Business & Entertainers with custom search and newsfeed

*Standalone dashboard app for our Cash Rewards Program

*EventWave, Webtalk's events and meetup app

*Self-Service Ad Platform, allowing all Webtalk members to purchase Webtalk ad space and run targeted ad campaigns like Facebooks Ads (yes, when you refer a business you earn 10% of their ad budget as your commission, even if they are spending $1MM/mo or more).

-- RJ Garbowicz

Webtalk Founder, CEO

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