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How Webtalk Started


Back in late 2010, after I sold out of my last startup, I began working on Webtalk part time as I started my new family and built our family home.

The biggest problems I wanted to solve was the lack of data management and data validation in the tools I used the most to run my personal and professional lives... Social networks.

Knowing if a person and the data they shared about themselves and/or their company is valid, on social networks or anywhere, is a big missing element to starting new relationships.

The time I spent researching and validating people and the information they shared was insane. As a small business it made it very difficult to compete against big business with teams of researchers, and as a consumer it drained my days shopping online auditing the reviews and the people leaving them.

This was a problem big enough to devote my life to solving.

First, I thought we could build apps on top of social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, adding new tools on their social graphs. That was short lived as they quickly began cutting off apps from building on their platforms.

So how do you build a tool to organize and validate the world's data without access to the data?...

I did what any irrational and optimistic entrepreneur would do 😂... I decided to design an entirely new networking platform to directly compete with Facebook and LinkedIn at the same time in order to collect the information we needed to power our game-changing tools, while giving the world full access to your relationship capital in one place.

It only took me four years to architect, design, prototype, and file patents on the technology. Now our patents are in the final approval process 😍https://www.webtalkaffiliates.com/patents

Then in 2015 we hit the ground running building our game-changing technology, leading up to today as wrap up Beta testing and plan for our official launch this summer.

We also had other problems we had to solve along the way if we wanted to create a success...

1. How do we get people to switch to Webtalk?

2. How do we collect the data we need to power our tools to help the world organize and validate important data to create more success? 3. How do we help the world as we build and launch our tools? 4. How do we continue to help the world beyond the services we are already providing after we are successful? The solutions... Webtalk Cash Rewards (sharing up to 50% of our revenue with our members) & Webtalk Foundation (donating 10% of profits to charity). Learn more about our foundation on https://www.webtalk.com/philanthropy. We decided simply to share our revenue with our members for engagement, creating content, and referrals. The only requirement to earn is you need to complete your profile to 100% and enroll in the free program. It's as simple as that. Using this strategy, we partner with you (our members) as content creators, content consumers, and marketers driving in new members to join Webtalk. We keep half of the revenue for building new technologies, and give away up to 50% back to our members as our partners. Our mission is simple, help the world create more success. We live and breathe our mission in everything we do from the technologies we build, to our rewards program, to donating 10% of our profits to charity. By the time our full vision has been realized, Webtalk will be the tool where every person and business goes to begin new relationships because our patent-pending peer-to-peer recommendation search engine with verified virtual resumes will provide the world with due diligence-on-demand. We will also be the tool to manage and grow all relationships as the first all-in-one platform for end-to-end relationship management. God willing, we will also be redistributing billions of dollars back to our members and charities around the world. Webtalk has $9MM invested so far, and for me personally, I have almost 10-years invested. The rest of the team has 3-5 years invested, although Jeff Catherell was the first angel investor back in 2011 who has since joined the team. Thank you for being a part of the Webtalk family, and supporting our social revolution!

-- RJ Garbowicz

Webtalk Founder, CEO


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