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7th Week After Launch Of Ad Rewards Pool Update


We are now entering into our 7th week of launching the Beta version of our ad rewards pool.

Going into this we knew there would be members who would attempt to cheat the system, because there is always someone who tries to ruin it for everyone else.

That said, we deployed tools to monitor behavior to catch bad actors and develop machine learning AI technology to help us prevent issues in the future when we are paying out millions of dollars rather than thousands.

Some of you may have noticed your ad rewards amounts decreasing recently. Since Webtalk Ad Rewards is a pool, the members who have the largest and most engaged referral networks will earn the most points daily.

As a result, new points are awarded and the points previously held have less value. As more and more pie slices are earned across Webtalk, the value per pie slice decreases. This is why you have to keep earning more pie slices to not only preserve your ad rewards, but to also grow your ad rewards.

One of the reasons a decrease is happening right now is because we are offering a minimum guaranteed monthly payout, and the actual ad rewards has yet to exceed the minimum payout. Meaning we are actually paying out more than 50% of our monthly ad revenue right now. It's closer to 90%. As soon as the actual rewards surpass the minimum payout, you will see the amount of cash in the pool increase in real time during the month.

Now that we are catching bad actors and eliminating their accounts, as well as deploying new algorithms to prevent issues, some of you may experience a loss in points after we deploy fixes. Especially if you have someone in your referral network who becomes deactivated from violating our terms.

Once we deactivate the accounts of policy violators, all points issued to the violator's upline will also be retracted.

This also means for all of you who do not have violators in your referral network, you should see the value of your points increase.

No company has ever attempted to do what we are doing with our Ad Rewards pool, and as a result there is no clear path as to the technology needed to make it a successful program.

We have to continue reviewing the data and making improvements as we grow to assure it is fair program for everyone, and we are preventing bad actors from abusing the program.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work to provide a better and more lucrative experience for everyone.

Posted on Webtalk by:

RJ Garbowicz

Webtalk Founder, CEO

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