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5 Steps To Get Started And Achieve Success On Webtalk

Here's a quick guide on how to be a successful Webtalker!

1. Manage Your Relationships Better

Use Webtalk's patent-pending contact manager to consolidate and segregate your personal and professional relationships.

Add members to your personal network, or to your professional network, or both. Then target your news updates to your specific networks and contact groups, and even syndicate your updates to your other social platforms.

2. Grow Your Career or Business

Complete your profile to showcase your talent and be discovered for career and business opportunities.

3. Earn Cash Rewards

Complete your profile to 100% using the completeness meter on your profile to be eligible for cash rewards.

Upon completing your profile, you can enroll in the free cash rewards program that awards you with points for your engagement and popular content posts on Webtalk. All points redeem for cash paid monthly.

You'll need to link a payment account to receive your cash rewards found within your rewards program back office.

4. Invite, Invite, Invite!

When you invite your contacts to join Webtalk, not only are you able to manage your relationships better with our proprietary technologies, you will also earn more cash rewards.

You will earn 100% match points, and 10% commissions on all purchases made by your referrals.

Every invite tool and link associated with your account has your referral ID embedded.

5. Earn the BONUS

When you invite your contacts, we also encourage them to invite their contacts. This is how every major social network today grew to hundreds of millions and even billions of users.

The only difference is that Webtalk is offering you 100% matching points and 10% commissions through 5 degrees or levels of referral separation, sharing up to 50% of all revenue with the first 1 million members who qualify to earn the bonus.


A. If you are a PRO customer you automatically qualify for the bonus in the calendar month that you are an active PRO customer.

B. If someone you directly refer becomes a PRO customer you automatically qualify for the bonus in the calendar month that you have referred an active customer.


Technology like Webtalk is extremely expensive to build, and to cover the costs we either need to raise money from venture capital investors or we need to generate sales to cover our costs.

We choose to partner with our members to help bring us new customers rather than accept venture capital to fund our product roadmap, which can be found here.

Acquiring 1,000,000 customers will give us the funding needed to execute all of the products listed on our roadmap. Hence the reason the bonus is only available to the first 1 million who qualify.

We are building technologies that will help the world strengthen relationships, which will lead to more happiness and success. This is the reason we exist, to help the world create more success.

At the same time, we are sharing our revenue with our members and we have pledged to donate 10% of our profits to charity in effort to help the world go non-profit. Learn more here.

If you need assistance, please reach out to our awesome support team via We are here to help.

PS: We are working on updating our older videos and we are releasing another new video telling our story with the official launch this summer.

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