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4 More Sprints Before The Official Launch Of Webtalk


As we get closer and closer to Webtalk's official launch, we are preparing to give Webtalk a brand new look on the outside just as we have on the inside. SNEAK PREVIEW ATTACHED!

We are also working on several new videos for the official launch. There are only 4 more sprints (product releases) before the official launch and each release takes 2-4 weeks on average.


In 1-2 weeks we are launching Phase 2 of our Newsfeed update. You may have noticed we also launched 'Post Views' yesterday where everyone can now see how many views your posts are getting.

In the next Newsfeed release we are launching two new big services...

A. Post Tagging -This service will share all posts with the connections of the people who are tagged.

B. 'Auto' Share -This service will share popular public posts that you interact with to your followers. ie. "John Doe commented on this..."

Then we launch SocialCRM v3.0, which has many new services and a brand new design...

A. Service Provider (home & personal) FREE CRM -This is a new contact manager for all of your personal service providers ie. Plumbers, Electricians, Baby Sitters, Landscapers, Accountants, Lawyers, etc. to allow you to quickly find the people you need to help you in your daily life without allowing them to see your personal information.

B. Recent Tags -This is a service that will allow you to 1-click recently used tags to make it easier to search your contact subgroups.

C. Mutual Follow Messaging -This service will enable people who are following each other, but not connected, to private message each other for free.

D. Free Message with Connection Requests. -This service will allow you to send a simple plain text 240 character private message for free with every connection request. If you don't want to receive messages with requests you will be able to turn this service off in your settings.

E. Profile Banners added to contact cards -You may have noticed a simple blue banner image that was recently added to contact cards. This will soon be replaced with the member's profile banner image.

Next we launch Universal Profile v3.0, which has several new services and a brand new design.

A. Relationship Status -You'll have the option to select and display your relationship status on your profile if you so choose

B. About Me Media Collage -Add up to 25 media files (photos, videos and files) to your About Me section of your profile. This will act as a "pinned" post on your profile to showcase yourself to the world the way you want to be seen.

C. Customize Your Profile Landing Page -This service will allow you to choose which of your profile pages displays first to specific personal and professional contact groups.

D. Optional "require your email or phone number to send a connection request" -This will stop people who don't know you in real life from being able to send you a connection request. You will be able to turn this feature on and off in your settings.

E. Albums -Soon your media files shared in the newsfeed will automatically be grouped into albums (like Instagram), but you will be able to title the Albums (like Facebook).

After all of these updates have been released, we launch our new landing page and our iOS and Android apps.

Right now the estimated time for everything above to be released is 8-16 weeks.

Once these are live we begin our marketing campaign while we work to launch the next set of products in our road map.

-Chat v3.0

-PRO v3.0

-Webtalk Verify v1.0

-Pages for Business v1.0

-Articles/Blogs v1.0

-Native Video v1.0

-Help Desk v3.0 with PRO Live Chat & Call-In Support

We are also working on Webtalk Travel and Webtalk Swag Shop with plans to release these services before the "official launch" of Webtalk.

-- RJ Garbowicz

Webtalk Founder, CEO

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