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4 Key Areas Webtalk Focuses On To Support Their Mission

Webtalk has invested $9MM USD into our technology over the course of several years building the world's first all-in-one relationship and brand management platform.

Our mission is to help the world create more success, and we live and breathe our mission in everything we do.

There are four key areas we focus on to support our mission...


1. Create game-changing technology that will help you (the world) create more success no matter how you define your success.

Whether its growing a business, advancing your career, or spending more time with the people you love, Webtalk's technology is there for you. You can use Webtalk to manage all of your personal, professional and business relationships under one roof, while maintaining your individual identities/brands for each audience.


2. Give back to our members, helping to create your success directly.

We built a free rewards program, available worldwide, that pays residual "passive income" commissions with unlimited earning potential, and multiple streams of income.

A. Social network users earn simply by making the switch to Webtalk and doing the same things on Webtalk that you do on other social platforms.

B. Influencers and content creators earn even more as your content posted on Webtalk acquires engagement.

C. Every member can also earn residual passive income by simply bringing new members to Webtalk who join for free.

D. Since the 5-level bonus can be earned by referring a PRO customer or becoming a PRO customer, this opens the door for every type of promoter to earn a substantial income...

ie. Digital marketers and influencers can build large downlines organically by simply referring many new members directly, and network marketers can do it more hands on by building teams with smaller more duplicable numbers.

E. Webtalk developed the world's first hybrid rewards/affiliate/MLM program with all the benefits of each program and none of the flaws. We call it "Social Commission Per Exchange" or "SocialCPX" for short.


3.We want to be a leader in making a global social impact by donating 10% of our profits to charity through the Webtalk Foundation in effort to help the world go non-profit.

Again, putting focus on helping people around the world dedicate their lives to helping others, just like our team here at Webtalk.


4. Give the world an investment opportunity of a lifetime...

Not only does our 5-level bonus offer up to 50% of our gross revenue back to our members for life, we have been developing a strategy to allow our PRO customer members to become owners of Webtalk.

Our hope is that in 2020 the strategy we have planned will become a reality after the official launch coming Spring/Summer 2020.

Webtalk isn't just an evolution in technology, it's a global revolution to help the world create more success.

Today, we stand united as one people taking back control of our time, our relationships, our data, and our lives.

Today, as a Webtalk member, you take back control of your own success.

Thank you for joining Webtalk and supporting the Webtalk revolution!

PS: This video was created by our members on their own and I was so impressed that I sent a clip to add to the end. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have here at Webtalk.

-- RJ Garbowicz

Webtalk Founder, CEO

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