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3 Steps on How To Earn Through Your Posts, Likes, Comments, Shares, and Views on Webtalk

Do you know how to earn points in the Ad Pool Rewards❓

There are 3 ways to earn points in the Ad Pool Rewards.

1. Engagement Points:

Points are earned on what you do on other people's posts & when someone looks at your profile.

Earn 1 point:

Like someone's post

Comment on someone's post

Share someone's post

Someone looks at your profile

You can earn up to 100 Engagement Points per day.

2. Influencer Points:

Points are earned on what people do on YOUR posts:

10 points for each Like,

20 points for each Comment,

30 points for each Share.

There is no limit on how many Influencer Points you can earn per day.

3. Referral Matching Points:

You earn the same number of points that every person who signed up with your link earns.

If you have unlocked the 5 bonus levels, you earn matching points on all 5 levels.






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